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According to Redmond Magazine who released an article by the same name here.

A few surprises – Exchange 2010 and Office 2010 aren’t on the list – but then they were released in 2009.

Things that aren’t surprises are the number 1 and the things that aren’t number one – but don’t let me spoil it for you, head on over and use the comments section on this article to let us know what you think your list of top items should be.

I’ll give you a head start with my top 5:

1. Kinect – I have one and it rocks

2. Exchange 2010 SP1 – ok, so I have a little bias there

3. XBOX live in South Africa (ok so it’s a bit “sparse” but at least we have it officially)

4. Office For Mac – it’s about time them Apple folks felt the same love we do

5. Office 365 – Yes I know it’s still in Beta, but the Live @ EDU folks are doing REALLY well and schools are benefitting now (IE9 is also in Beta and it made the Redmond Mag list), and the consumer offering rocks as well!

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